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An office in the garden. Once just a fantasy… now your own garden office, recording studio or music room is an affordable option.

If you have flexible working hours… or want a separate, professional space to run your business from… the Garden Studio provides the perfect home office. And its vaulted ceiling also means it’s the ideal shape for a recording studio.

Finished to the same standard as your home, the Garden Studio has lots of architectural appeal…so it’s also a great asset to your landscaping as well as making working from home so enjoyable.

A turnkey garden building

Our standard Garden Studio - designed to fit snugly into a corner – has an internal floor area of 13sq.m. But we also provide specific designs for customers who want their garden office to be sited in a particular location, or to incorporate additional features (such as garden storage or toilet facilities).

The Garden Studio can be built summer or winter, and whatever the design, it is a turnkey building, right down to two coats of paint. All you have to do is start using it.

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